Friday, April 15, 2011

Testing animoto

Just been checking out the Animoto app, it's free and it makes slide shows.
Gospel Pass Audax (Edited)

Edit: apologies if you've been to this post looking for information on the Animoto app, I threw this post together on Friday and never got around to finishing it off so a few words about Animoto:

Firstly, it's a free app for iPhone/iPod Touch.

It allows you to select up to 16 photos and a piece of music (provided by the app, you can't use your own music) and it will make a slideshow for you.

You can then share your Animoto shows online (via a URL as above, Animoto e-mail you the link when you upload), via Twitter, FaceBook or e-mail.

There is a free web service Animoto that allows you to do similar, but more featured, shows online.

The app doesn't load up your shows to your online account, which is a shame as it does download shows from your online account.

It's free and it's quite a nice app and the online service is really good.

You are limited to 30 second shows in the free app/account

The photo's where taken on my iPhone on this years Gospel Pass 150 km Audax.

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