Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blogging on an iPad

As I mentioned in my previous post, I intend to use my iPad to do as much of my work as possible and that includes setting up and producing this blog. I am using Blogspot for the blog as (a) its free and (b) I use Google Docs a lot so it made sense to stick with a Google service so I needed to find an app that would work with Blogspot. Step forward Blogpress, £1.79 from the app store, 2 minutes to set up and we're off!

Having set up a Blogspot account, chosen my blog name and layout (all done on the iPad), it was now time to make a graphic for my header. Firstly, I searched the Internet for the images I wanted to use in my header, these where saved to my Photos folder. Then I used the superb iDraw app to draw my text and combine it with the IOS device pictures to make my header graphic. This was then sent to my Photos.

Next, I used Photopad to crop the header to the size I wanted and again it was saved to photos. Next, I went into photos and e-mailed the header graphic to my Dropbox account using Habilis.

Now I cheated and used my Mac to access the header graphic from Dropbox and upload it to Blogspot to set as my header.

This particular post was created entirely on an iPad including the graphic showing the apps I used. I used a similar process to setting up the header except I didn't have to send the graphic to Dropbox as Blogpress can pick up pictures straight from the photos folder on the iPad.

So there we go, my first piece of blogging done completely on an iPad. Oh, didn't I tell you, you can't do any serious work on those things.....

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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