Sunday, March 13, 2011

GarageBand Rocks!

It's Been a good week for all things iPad this week, iPad 2 released, iOS 4.3 released, my Boxwave stylus arrived and Apple finally released GarageBand for the iPad.

The Boxwave stylus lived up to expectations, it make using Notes + and my various drawing program even better. It is way more accurate than my previous, generic PC World stylus (and that was pretty good) and really shows of the quality drawing software available for iPad (especially Sketchbook Pro).

iOS 4.3 update seemed to go quite smoothly, Safari seems a bit quicker otherwise I can't really tell much difference to be honest.

Still haven't had my hands on an iPad 2 but I did buy GarageBand on Thursday night.

I haven't really played with it that much a I had a gig Thursday, then a day in London on Saturday that ended up with me buying a new guitar (a rather nice Tokai Rickenbacker 4003 copy if your interested, lovely guitar plays and sounds superb) so that kind of took up most of my time this weekend. However, I can report that initial thoughts are that GarageBand rocks big style. The smart instruments are brilliant, sounds are well though out and pretty authentic and a song can be put together really quickly. A nice touch is that you can record a part using a smart instrument, then record over the top to build up complex parts (like drum tracks) bit by bit. The track editor doesn't allow MIDI editing which is a bit of a pain but otherwise, especially given the £2.99 price tag, it really is good and shows of Apple software it's best.

If you work in a school and want to teach music, or have an iPad yourself and want to make music or just want to see why iPad is so good, buy GarageBand. Yu won't be disappointed.

Will try to post a couple of songs for you to laugh at later in the week.

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