Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Presentations without PowerPoint-QR Codes

As I mentioned previously, all we ever seem to do in ICT is teach Windows and Office and PowerPoint features rather heavily in our curriculum. Last week our year 7’s had to do yet another presentation, this time on a festival or celebration so time to fire up PowerPoint right?

One of my groups is a special group, a mixture of behaviour and confidence problems, so I thought I would try something new. I decided that we would research our festival/celebration but instead of making a PowerPoint document, we would generate some QR codes and display these. Students could then either download a reader to their mobile phone (most have some sort of smartphone, can't afford pens and pencils but all have a decent phone) and scan them or use my iPhone (it's a small group).

Students researched the festival/celebration and found out what, when and why and found a website that explained more. They then went to www.qrstuff.com and generated the qr codes, downloaded them, put them in a document, made it look nice and then E-mailed it to me to print (students don't have access to printers on their Netbooks). These where then displayed, scanned and judged. An example is shown below (click on it to make it bigger if you want to scan):

One student didn't have his laptop (broken screen) so used my iPad to produce his document (the one shown above).

Much fun was had, students learnt about a bit of technology used in the real world and we didn't have to use PowerPoint. I call that a win.

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