Friday, November 26, 2010

Mind Mapping on an iPad

I am a big fan of Mind Mapping as a planning and organisational tool and I am always trying to get my Year 7 students to create a Mind Map before they begin to produce a piece of written work such as a presentation or leaflet so it is vital that I have a decent Mind Mapping app on my iPad. I have always used Mind42 as it free, available online, supports importing and exporting in a variety of formats and allows collaboration on Mind Maps. However, it is a bit slow and cumbersome on the iPad and I was really looking for a decent app that would work on the iPad, allow me to export to other Mind Mapping programs, export to PDF or JPEG/PNG and work with an online storage system. Having looked at a couple of apps, I finally settled on iThoughtsHD.
This app is amazing, the way it works with the touch screen interface is brilliant and so quick, making your Mind Map is a speedy process.
I have always used a mouse and keyboard to draw a Mind Map but using the iPad is a real revelation, it almost makes me want to create new Mind Maps just for the fun of using the app, I kid you not!

An example Mind Map from iThoughtsHD:

This app is very elegant, it is very intuitive to use but is also incredibly powerful. Most of the tools you will want are in the app so it shouldn't leave you wanting and it offers a wide range of export options should you want to either share your Mind Map with others or work on it inn another application. Best of all though, iThoughtsHD can save and export direct to Dropbox so there is no messing around with e-mailing to yourself (although direct E-mail is supported) or other messy systems for getting your Mind Maps on nor off the iPad.

All in all, a brilliant app and the best bit is the price, £5.99 form the app store. This is probably the best app I have bought to date and certainly one of the most useful.

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