Saturday, December 11, 2010

More testing of PowerPoints

OK, further to yesterday's post about embedding PowerPoint presentations I thought I would take the idea a little further and give an example of how I plan to use embedded presentations. This year I get to teach PSHE to year 9. We have also decided to combine PSHE with the ASDAN award so that on completion of the course, the students can get a GCSE. My module is Economic and Financial Wellbeing and the idea is that students are set a series of tasks to complete that they use to build up a portfolio for assessment. Now, our year 9's have MiniBooks and are used to this sort of work but still need a little help to get started, so we usually produce a PowerPoint to talk them through the task and get them started. Last term, I did just that and you can see my (very dull) presentation below:

This term, I decided to do something different so today I converted my presentation that you see above into this:

It's a little slow as it is a bit graphic heavy so maybe I will re-do it in greyscale to try and speed things up a little.

I will now either (a) produce a web page with the tasks and presentations embedded or (b) embed the presentations in a page on our VLE (which has been down since yesterday hence I can't actually test it) along with a few other links and resources.

Anyway, I am liking the fact you can now get presentations embedded along with the links without having to resort to Flash. Let me know what you think.

Edit:thought I would have a go at re-doing the BankAccounts presentation to see if I could make it run faster. have a look and see what you think:

Oh, and I promise, all this talk about PowerPoints is going somewhere, and is is to do with IOS devices, honest.

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