Friday, December 10, 2010

Embedding PowerPoints

OK, so this isn't really about IOS devices and certainly not about my iPad but it's still a neat trick so please read on. As you know, I work in a school and teachers love their PowerPoint presentations, for heavens sake, our VLE is full of them! Death by turgid text and bullet points, I really pity school kids these days. Anyway, I have always been a big fan of the interactive PowerPoint presentation, using hyperlinks to allow the viewer to navigate to where they want to go rather than just advance the slides manually. I have quit a large bank of these now but have always had difficulty sharing them with the students. Often, they don't have PowerPoint (our MiniBooks run Open Office) so the shows never behave themselves. Embedding shows using sites like Zoho, Scribd or even Google Docs is OK but the hyperlinks never work. So, today, I set myself the task of finding a way of embedding a PowerPoint show whilst still retaining the interactive element (remember, you can use the sites suggested above if you just want to embed a normal show). I tried quiet a few sites before coming across Slideboom, this site allows you to upload a presentation, gives you the embed code and most importantly, preserves the interactivity of the show. Go ahead, try the example below (it won't work on IOS unfortunately):

OK, so it's not the greatest PowerPoint the world has ever seen and if you click in the wrong place, it still advances to the next slide but the hyperlinks still work which is what I wanted.

This opens up lots of possibilities for getting work to students in a more interactive way. I will check if the embed code works on our VLE (Fronter) and post back my findings.

Today I am happy! Although I would be happier still if it worked with IOS.

Right, I really must try harder! I've used Zoho a lot and just assumed (wrongly) that it didn't allow hyperlinks to other slides, but it does (in Zoho, click Insert > Link and see Link to slide) so my problems are solved. Upload PowerPoint to Zoho, re-insert the links, grab the embed code, paste into blog and voila! you can see your presentation, links and all.

check out my example:

and another:

Great. I must recheck Google Docs and see if that allows links as that would be a good solution as you can edit using IOS. Still, I am now definitely happy.

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