Friday, December 3, 2010

My Apps

Probably the best thing about using an IOS device is the great range of apps you can get. lots of technology "experts" dismiss the iPad as a toy because you cannot get any proper work done on them due to Apple deliberately "gimping" the iPad. Well, I disagree with those sort of statements. I think Apple have thought quite long and hard about their audience and decided that a device that is simple to use and difficult to break is the key. The iPad seems locked and closed but this is ideal for non-tech savvy users. Those of us who want the additional features can spend a minute or two on the Internet and usually find a way to do what we want, usually with an app.

Below is a list of the main apps I use. These apps are used on a daily basis and have been chosen to be reviewed here because they are the apps I think (a) are best for the job I need to do (b) work well and offer value for money and (c) show off the iPad interface/OS at its best.

So, here is my list of top apps that I use:

These are just short reviews as lots of these apps are talked about on the web so in depth reviews are plenty. The basic idea here was to give you an insight into how I use my iPad for work (remember, according to the "experts", the iPad is just a toy and you cant do proper work on one) on a daily basis. All worksheets, present ions and audio visual work I do for school are now produced on my iPad with the one exception of videos (which I do rarely anyway).

I do have other apps but they either don't work that nicely or I don't use them on a daily basis so haven't included them. They will be mentioned elsewhere in this blog if I use them.I

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