Sunday, February 13, 2011

More iOS WebDAV-Using iPads with RM Easylink

As I have probably mentioned, part of my teaching role involves working with the Local Education Authority (LEA) one day per week. This usually takes the form of me working with teachers or departments on the implementation of ICT systems such as our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Fronter. However, recently I have been working with one of our local City Learning Centres (CLC) looking at how we could use iOS devices in education. One of the more challenging aspects of using said devices is getting files off them and onto then school network. I have posted a couple of solutions previously, mostly using Dropbox and WebDAV and a colleague of mine at then CLC has been experimenting and I thought I would post his results.

As a way of introduction (especially for non UK readers), RM are a company that provide ICT solutions to a number of UK schools. Part of the package is a system called Easylink that allows users to access ann area on the network for storing and retrieving files (a file share I suppose). Anyway, I have it on good authority that RM Easylink suppose WebDAV and my colleague has managed to work out a simple way of setting up RM Easylink with iPads/iPod Touches. The document he created is below:

As I said, it is not my work, all credit goes to Andy Menzies at the CLC, if you have any questions or queries, please post a comment and I will relay them on and get back to you.

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